About Us

After working for an association that helped the development of the B&B network in Liguria, and the promotion of a regional law to regulate this activity, Daniela Sainato had an idea: create a service company that takes care of accommodation outside the hotels network. At the beginning of 2005 Columbus Village Accommodation snc was established together with Federica Cerri and Paola Lanza, and since 2009 a new partner is with them: Rubina Devoto. The current workforce is now composed by 5 people, all women.
Our Company manages a network of several accommodations for work temporary staying, from low-cost apartment to luxury villa, offering selected Hotels B&Bs by or comfortable independent flats.
For all those who want to spend holidays in contact with local culture and atmosphere, and for those who looks for a comfortable accommodation while being away from home for work.
The B&Bs available, located in Genoa and Liguria, may have private or shared bathrooms.
The independent flats are fully equipped for a comfortable stay.
In case someone wants an exclusive environment, Columbus Village Accommodation has selected prestigious homes rich of atmosphere.
The service provided by Columbus Village Accommodation is based on quality and greeting, with the objective to make you feel at home.
Our team offers personalized services, tailored on Customers' wishes also with the help of selected partners.
Columbus Village Accommodation is ready to welcome you with friendship, professionalism and courtesy.