The General Contract Conditions set forth hereunder define the terms and conditions applicable to the lease agreement for temporary purposes of a Property (Apartments, B&B, Hotels) to the Client, as well as to additional services provided by Columbus Village Accommodation, hereinafter referred to as 'CVA' or Company'.
    • 2.1 Property selection The Client will be able to request information about availability and prices of a Property, by contacting Columbus Village Accommodation by phone, mail or fax and sending a booking inquiry. Following this inquiry, CVA will provide a number of suitable detailed proposals. Neither the inquiry or the proposal are binding for the Client or for CVA. CVA, referring to the apartments, works in collaboration with the Estate Agency named in its web site
    • 2.2 Booking procedure In case of correspondence between Client inquiry and offer by CVA, this latter will send to the Client a form with a contract proposal having as object the selected Property, specifying
      1. Address of the Property and instructions how to reach it
      2. Duration of leasing including dates of arrival and departure
      3. Rental price, booking fee, security deposit
      4. Possible extra services requested by the Client and related costs
      5. Maximum number of persons allowed to use the Property

For the booking the Client shall fill in the Contract Form, sign it and send it to CVA within 2 working days from receipt of the proposal. Without receipt of the booking confirmation within the above term, the reservation will be considered as invalid.

  • 2.3 Contract conclusion
    The contract will be considered stipulated when the Company has received this Contract Form in compliance with requirements at point 2.2 above, and the payment (or the proof of executed payment) of the Booking Fee equivalent to 30% of the total rental amount (net of any bank charges). The above Payment can be made by bank draft to the following bank coordinates: Intesa Sanpaolo Spa, Genova, C/C in the name of Columbus Village Accommodation s.n.c., IBAN: IT20 M030 6901 4001 0000 0062 333, BIC: BCITITMM.
    • 3.1. The prices on the Contract Form shall be referred to the total amount of the entire rental period. Unless otherwise provided the Total Rental Price is considered inclusive of initial and final cleaning as well as the consumption of electricity, gas, heating and water consumption. In the case of monthly rental, the costs relating to electricity and gas are not included in the price; meter readings will be made at the check in and check out. The invoiced cost will be equivalent to 0.40 €/kW for electric power and 1 €/m3 for gas. The booking fee corresponds to an advance payment on the Rental Price and must be paid at the booking (see 2.2). The balance corresponds to the difference between Rental Price and Booking Fee, and shall be paid in its entirety within 7 days before the start of location period for the agreed period(except for the period of the International Boat Show, when the balance is required 15 days before the start of location period) . In case of booking made after the 7 days period before the start of location, the Rental Price shall be paid in full the same day of the booking. In case of payment by Italian bank cheque, it is mandatory to deliver it directly in our offices, at least 2 working days before the start of the location period. A valid identity document shall be produced and a fixed phone number must be given. The Extra Costs refer to all optional services requested by the Client, such as weekly cleaning and internet access. Such services are invoiced adding 20 % for VAT.
    • 3.2. For contracts subject to monthly renewal, the full monthly rental price shall be paid in advance, at least 7 days before the beginning of the following month.
    • 3.3. In case of missed or late payment the Company will have the possibility of mandate an external company to act for debt collection, or a lawyer up to tribunal order, with payment of legal expenses by the Client.
    The Client shall be required to provide a Security Deposit upon arrival, pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the Booking Confirmation. The Company shall return the said deposit to the Client within 7 days from termination of the Contract. It is understood that should the Property be found to have been damaged by the Client, the Company will be entitled to retain said deposit, without prejudice to the Company’s right to any claim compensation for any further caused damage.
    • 5.1. The duration of the contract is indicated on the booking confirmation sheet through the specified dates of « check in » for the date of arrival and « check out » for the date of departure, at which date the Contract will cease its effectiveness without further notice. At such date the Client shall leave the Property. For contracts with duration longer than one month, a specific lease agreement will be stipulated between the Client and CVA.
    The Company may replace the Property with another of identical or superior quality if the Company is unable to guarantee the Client use of the chosen Property due to events of « force majeure » or for any contingencies beyond its control. If the Client refuses the Property offered by way of replacement for a reasonable and substantiated cause, then the Company will refund the Client the amounts paid. No further amounts of whatsoever nature shall be due by the Company to the Client.
    • 7.1. The keys to the Apartment will be handed over to the Client by the Company's appointee, at such location and time as agreed by prior arrangement(according to Italian Civil Code a copy of the client’s identity card wiil be required). The Client will give timely notice of any delay to the Company or to its appointee. In case of check in/out outside normal office hours (between 9 am and 7 pm), during a weekend or on a public holiday, the Client will be charged a supplementary fee. Check in beyond 10.00 pm are not guaranteed.Upon handing over the keys of the Apartment, the Company's appointee will also provide the Client with a form containing a description of the current condition of the Apartment and its furniture, equipment and accessories. The Client agrees to sign the said form, reserving the right to supply in writing any comment or observation. Whenever applicable, meter readings as per point 3.1 will be recorded.
    • In case of booking of an hotel or B&B the Client has to communicate the Check in to CVA. In this case the Check in has to be fixed from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. In case of check in and check out in different time the Client has to fix it before with CVA.
    • 8.1. The Client agrees to respect the maximum number of persons entitled to occupy the Property as set forth in the Booking Confirmation. In the case of non-compliance with this obligation, the Client will be obliged to pay a penalty fee equivalent to 30% of the total rental price for each additional person. The Client shall produce identity documents for each adult person having use of the Property.
    • 8.2. The Client expressly declares that any person having access and/or use of the Property will be in compliance with Italian laws and, in case of foreign citizen, will be in possession of authorisation such as visa or residence permits.
    • 8.3. The Client undertakes to exercise due care and diligence in using the Property, refraining from any act which may damage the Apartment or its furniture, equipment and accessories.
    • 8.4. The Client also agrees not to cause any noise or nuisance that may in any way disturb the residents of in neighbouring apartments. Use of the Property for illicit acts or prostitution is expressly forbidden.
    • 8.5. The Client undertakes to return the keys of the Apartment in such manner as will be agreed with the Company.
    • 8.6. The Client agrees not to reproduce and/or give to third parties the keys of the Apartment and/or reveal to third parties any codes of access to the Apartment. Loss of keys will entail compensation of the cost of new locks and of 5 sets of keys.
    • 8.7. The Client agrees to take reasonable care and adopt the necessary safety measures to avoid unauthorized persons from accessing the Property for the entire duration of the rental period. In the case of failure to comply with the said obligation, the Client shall be liable to the Company for any damage caused to the Apartment and/or its furniture, equipment and accessories.
    • 8.8. Unless expressly authorized by the Company, the Client shall not be allowed to have pets of any kind in the Property
    The Company or any third party appointed by the Company, identifiable upon request by the Client, shall have access to the Apartment to carry out any necessary repair and/or maintenance work. or to allow visits in case the apartment is put on sale (up to a maximum 4 hours per week) The Client shall receive prior notice of such access, except for matters of great urgency
    Any complain must be suddenly report by mail or fax by the Client
    The Company will not be liable to the Client for any suspensions/interruptions beyond its control of the electricity, gas and/or water supply, and the Client expressly renounces any claim for indemnification in this regard.
    • 12.1. The Company may terminate the rental contract by means of a written notice to the Client in the following events:
      1. should the Client fail to pay any of the amounts (Booking Fee, Balance or Security Deposit) agreed in the Booking Confirmation on the conditions specified therein, including any amount due as monthly rent under a contract with an open departure date ;
      2. in the case of a major breach of any of the Client's obligations under Article 8.
    • 12.2. In the case of failure to pay the Balance, the Security Deposit or any amount of monthly rent, the Company will be entitled to retain the Booking Fee by way of penalty.
    It is agreed that, within the limits provided for by law, the amount of any damages due to the Client under the rental contract shall not exceed the amount actually paid by the Client to the Company under the same contract.
    Any agreement between the Client and the company is subjected to the Italian Law. Any possible controversy between the client and the Company will be effective in the Court of Genoa
    The Client authorises the Company to communicate his personal data to third parties in order to comply with any obligations under the lease contract (Italian law decree 196/2003).