Our team has organised a series of interesting activities that are available for our clients.  This has been set up by our team in collaboration with our partners to meet the needs of every individual. 
General and Specialised Italian courses structured towards:  business, law, medical/healthcare, and every day Italian are on offer
Courses are available throughout the year.  They are held in language laboratories or schools in the city centre.
Courses cater for individual needs or are broken up into small groups (3-8 students).
The teachers are Italian mother tongue who have experience teaching at a highly qualified level.  
We have various classes that include Italian Cooking or 'Typical Regional Cooking' 
Classes can be taken in certain cooking schools in Genoa.
Individual or small group classes (max 10 people), that include beginners and more experienced cooks.
We recommend that people wishing to improve their Italian attend a regular cooking class.
The ingredients of each recipe can be handed out in either: Italian, English or French.
The cooking class lasts up to 3 hours.  At the end of the class students and teachers will sit down to enjoy and eat what they cooked and discuss the different dishes they have made.
Specific local wines will be served with the meal.
We have put into place a service whereby a Chef can come to your residence to help you prepare your meals.  The Chef will help you decide what you want to cook and give valid advise about cooking for a special occasion.
For any further information, please email us, we will be happy to provide any information you require about signing up for the classes and general information.
We have the possibility in collaboration with our partners to make you know the hidden and the unusual aspects of Genoa.
Not only group guided tours, but even customised themed trails for single persons.
The guides as well as take you to the main touristic places, they’ll make you know "secret" treasures hidden in little square and narrow "caruggi", enchanting and  unknown stories that wait to be told...  
We have the possibility according with other partners to offer boat accommodations or short trips on boat.
All boats both sail and m. yacht are completely equipped to provide every comfort
A professional photographer will bring you to the discovery of Genoa and the surroundings, guiding you through historical, architectural, natural paths and local places; helping you in finding the best possible ways to take pictures “on the spot”.
It is also possible to take part in:
-tecnical workshops, generally with a half day duration, aiming to learn the technical features of both camera and photographic setting.
-multilevel courses divided in 10 sessions including external shooting sessions,
-touristic / photographic tours (half day duration as well): choosing either the city or the environs, for better documenting your visit, taking home a pleasant souvenir.
Courses, workshops and touristic tours can be organized for both groups and individuals.